Desember 07, 2012

Woman, The Hero of a Story

Him : Sugar, you alright?
She : Sure i don't need to be saved
Him : You look unhappy.
She : Yea. This is my default face. I should change it. Someday *if i could*
Him : Wanna go out?
She : I wanna stay *stay beside you*
Him : *he's flattering me* long time no see you. Been a whole month.
She : *don't know what to feel* Me, too.
Him : Hey what did you do this month? Any impressing point of time?
She *sighing* I spent my time to go out, lazy walked around district, and out, some times.
Him : What did you see?
She : Many. *including you*
Him : Hmmm... you look like not fascinated the things.
She : I'm drop dead caring to the things i see, i take care of, i love, i want.
Him : Including me?
She : Including you.

*She conjure up the image of two beautiful creatures cuddling in a place, in a time. She knew the one well, The one she knew, was the one sitting beside her, flattering him, nosing her top of her head while caressing her hair. Woman, the hero of a story, she doesn't need to be saved.*

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