Juni 08, 2010

Think it, and just DO IT!

I've attended the Sweden class jut now. You know what i got? Motion.
I got motion in that class and well, Sweden food. That was not delicious, anyway lol.
After hearing the presentation...i felt that my brain was working and bumm!!! Something came to my mind. Oh God, i wanna study abroad!! Wherever you from, you have the same right to get the new experience in wherever country you want.

Then i think, if they can, why i can't?
A year ago, i thought that i need good, no, better basic in language to study abroad. I mean, English. I had to study how to create a good sentence in english, how to speak correctly in english, and so on. But i should never worry about that "little thing".
Learning by doing.

On July 2009, i visited Bangkok with all my classmates. We got some new things from there. we can't speak Thai language. But we can "survived" in almost a week at that momment. We didn't prepare. We didn't took a Thai language course. But in al most a week, we study Thai language. Ahaha... people can't speak english there! Serious!

So, don't be shame! (hey hey... advice yourself, first, dear!)
You can do it if you can think it. Just...FACE IT!!

regards :)