Juli 16, 2014

The Little Story Of The Past

Hi, long time no see! 
I had lost my willingness to write a new article these lately months (actually, it's almost a half year, :p). But all in sudden, i want to write again. I come back.

There's a hot issue in my head, it's not about copras capres, though it really steals my sanity. I want to write about random things out there.

First, i should thank my Father for being a real hero for me. Someone said, "father is daughter's first love", and i used to believe it. Since i was 4, my mother taught me how to read. Every night before i fall asleep. In sum, i could read at age 5. Since that, my father always bought newspaper every morning. He subscribed it. Initially, i didn't care about the newspaper, all i wanted to read was Bobo Magazines or other same genres of magazines. But when i was in primary school, i started to read one of that newspaper. The newspaper was Jawa Pos. So i had known about Dahlan Iskan years years back.

In fine, i was addicted to reading newspaper. And my father kept subscribing it. It shaped me as a nerd, sok-tahu, and book craver until i was in senior high school. I started to know what my friends didn't know. When i was 14, i felt so hungry. I want to read all the books in the world. But, lived in a small city limited me. There was only one bookstore in Magelang, and the book's price  was so expensive. I didn't have enough money to buy books to relieve my craving. So, i started to borrow books from friends. From friend to another friend, from class to another class. The cycle kept like that from the first grade until the last grade of high-school. Oh yes, and while reading books, i tried to write also. Hahaha... sometimes it feels so good remembering that my text-book, with my handwriting inside it, be read by my friends. And it feels so great that they demand for more. "Nda, yang kemarin lanjutannya gimana? Mau dilanjutin kapan?".

No, i am not kinda smart ass in school. Hahaha i just lived my dreams, my passion.

In senior high school, i started to think about politics also. And my Father was the best partner to talk to. I was really grown by the environment around me. They really shaped me. 

I don't know why i want to write this story down. I want to make sure myself, that once in my life, i had a really dream life. If someone asked me someday, how i could be like who i am today, then the answer could be the sentences above.

My life had crisis also. Last year, was the most stressful time in my life. I want to tell everyone why, but then i decided to keep all of them in my heart and head. It was enough. I want to open the new page of my life.

One day, i want my children to love books like i do. Children who read have more insights in their head. Though my boyfriend will debate it, i will keep that state in my mind. Reading books won't make you smarter (in a short way), but sure it help you absorb whatever from the environment around you. The emotions, the news, people's emotions, the changes, everything. Books will teach you how to live. How to enjoy the sadness. How to enjoy being under pressured. How to be fine with unhappy ending. And how to find a perk of being a wallflower, enjoy of being really you.


Happy reading, kids.
P.S: My nephew starts to crave books, everytime he sees me, he would yell, "Tante, bawain aku buku ndak?"