Mei 01, 2013

Happy Engaged, My Friend!

I opened my whatsapp's contacts this morning, around 8 o'clock while the sun shone so bright. I found a picture, profile picture of my ex-boyfriend with his current beautiful girlfriend. Their fingers were lifted, shown a pair of rings encircled their ring-fingers. For any seconds, i was about to be silent. And then i smiled.

He was finally engaged.

My ex-bf i used to call my virgo has finally taken-up. No, i wasn't sad. If my eyes got teary, it must been a drip of happiness in my eyelid. I really was happy for him.  A thought flashily came and infiltrated my head and heart. I was relieved that the shadow that has been haunting me for years finally diminished. The shadow i called false hope. The hope that we, someday, could meet in a better moment finally evaporated.

For the first time after he left me behind, i laughed out loud.
That the thing i was scared of was only a shadow of one of my false hope. I couldn't avoid one thing, he was part of my life. Yeah, it was true. He once loved me. He doesn't.

Happy engaged, the dark knight rider!
Don't make your beloved fiancee get worried about your habit. Yeah, your habit of turning-off all of your gadgets and riding your motorcycle in maximum speed. I really wish that God will grant all of your wishes and hopes. Thank you for being a part of me. We always know, we both know that in the end, there must be an exit line. And you draw it first. I do after you.

Here, i been happy with my life. My current life. :)

Entwined hands like an almost prayer. - @ftkf (source by google)