Desember 06, 2012


Him : hi.
Me : hi.
Him : howdy?
Me : as fine as i haven't met you. Why?
Him : Sorry.
Me : For?
Him : my everything. They were hurting you.
Me : They did. They don't.
Him : I can't change the theme?
Me : Time is not a phrase you can change anytime you want.
Him : Do they last forever?
Me : They who?
Him : My faults.
Me : Do not ask me, i can't even answer my own questions.
Him : What questions?
Me : About do i love my self, do i forget the things, do i really live. Relative.
Him : You're cool.
Me : :) then you left me because I was cool :)
Him : I don't deserve you.
Me : I deserve a leaving, a promise, not a proof.
Him : Are they mine?
Me : No, they are ours. Did we really love each other that time?
Him : Don't screw the theme.
Me : Oh. I thought the theme is us. Nothing's plain when it comes to us, ya know.
Him : Yea, nothing's plain when it comes to love, ya know.

*it hurts my heart out. My heart is burst out by the thought he told. I still love him*
Me is really me.

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