Desember 09, 2010

Girl's Feeling #3

So who loves me? Who cares!
Who adores me? Nobody.
Who cares me? I have no idea.
Who am i? Indescribable yet.
So dynamic and loves something static.

"There's star in my eyes and there's sun in my hair"
" And i'm running away, it makes me feel better"

Desember 01, 2010

Sick, Tired and Sleepless

Terlalu! I want this feeling to vanish! I mean, seriously, it's killing me. Okay, let's imagine. You're in a situation where you are powerless, and even you can only see, not think. And the chances come in, with their smiles and fascinations and they called you: "Come on, love me! Just falling in me, and feel the sensation: pain! Hahaha!" look, they make me sick! Too sick to feel! YUCK!

But i met him. No, i've known him from the start. I never imagine that someday, it means today, my heartbeat works harder than ever. When i'm around him, when i smell his fragrance, when i feel his fascination. Blam. It's just like the dark-out! But God, i can't name it love. It's too early to starting new hope, when i know in the end, it will vanish like others. They died.

I have an insane fear of love? Nope. I do i can fall in love, carefully. Experience is the best teacher, hard and great.

But my heart my Lord! Today is a confusing day, for sure! I feel like love comes and runs around me! Love smiles at me, love calls me out! I odn't know, i just i don't know. I just, please, at least for a day, i want my self to be free. I want my self to walk by my self. Alone, and pridefully.

*sick, tired and sleepless