Desember 23, 2013


The end of the year is coming!
No, it's not a happy thing though.

It is like the finish line of a marathon, the time for us to move into another pavement. 
And start to walk again and again.
We declared such a revolution every year, and we forget what we would do in the middle of the year.
Not that surprising.
People forget.
Human being.

Hence, i remember the only one thing i whisper to God at the beginning of this year.
I whisper, God, lemme feel what  love is, once again. 
Since the last one left me behind years back, without any rational reasons, i was so numb.
I was so blind and i felt so heartless.

But it was so surprising also, that i found myself so happy and glad hearing the news that that my last one got married! I smiled and sincerely felt happy for them both, the bride and the groom. Love was in the air.
Then i was back to my routine, isolated myself in my own thoughts, being introvert and talked a little. Read so many books, and listen to the songs common people dislike (but well, i love that quirky songs, so what?). And so on.
Like a wallflower always do.

The year 2013 was so amazing for me.
So many things happened. 
I haven't forgot my own revolution.
It has happened, undirectly.
Tears, laughter, love and tragedies.
Life is never flat, it really is true.
My heart got bled, and Thank God, i still can stand stall. And smile. I never imagined my life would be like this. I knew, coincidence is nonsense. It is Your way, Your mysterious way, God.
So i keep my heart so tight and praise for You. In silence.
I restocked my faith in you, that in Your way, everything is possible.
Like, the awakening of feelings.
A kind heart with a soft smile entered my life. It was not an easy way for us, though.
Once again, love, tears, tragedies, griefs, and laughter taught me that life is such a beautiful thing to be grateful for. I thank God.

For the one i love and has been giving me a huge bunch of love, i really thank you for objectifying my revolution of this year. I do hope the best for us. Thank you for always cheering me up when i was breakdown for nothing or for a thing, or two, and always reminding me about gratitude. I love you, Honey.

For my family, for sharing me everything, for giving me best moments for my life. To be the center of life and love. You know, i am nothing without you. For my Mom and Dad, thank you for the prays and advices for my better future, thank you for being my parents, for taking care of me. And my brother, my partner in crime, thank you for being more than a bro. Brotherhood we are ( i know i am not a bro, but for my bro, apa sih yang nggak? :p).

For my friends, the besties, thank your for always listening me! Thank you, thank you and thank you. Thank you for showing me the better way and the great advices too. Guys, you rock!

It is not a year end speech, btw, i just spread what's on my mind. It is a therapy for me. People say, time's healing almost everything. But for me, writing's healing almost everything.
Including mad mood (YES, it is worse worse worse than bad mood), and indescribable blue feelings. 

This is the reflection of my 2013, what's yours?