Januari 22, 2011

New Annoying Strawberry

Cheerstraw!! :)
Yah, i decided to change my blog title. I just felt so 'need to be brand-new' after all of these shits during examination, and during this semester of course. So, why i chose 'annoying strawberry' to be my new blog title? Well, not so special. Everyone knows what strawberry is. Strawberry is a kinda fruit that so annoyed, so red, so cute and so untasteful. But it doesn't mean i'm annoying and untasteful, but sometimes, in somebody's life, we can't real act as a girl in our mind. We think we want to be a good girl, clever, smart, beautiful and slim. But life is not a thing we can hold! Life holds us. Yah, at that time, i think i'm being so sarcastic and so-not-me. I act like 'i have to do this shit' and talk loudly and laugh my ass out and stop talking to take a breath then realized that nobody did like me. So we just do what people don't.

Fellas, i think i have to do some resolutions. I've just realized that life has no guarantee. Oh shit man, reincarnation is a good idea i think.
Now, enjoy this momment and stay active, stay cute :)\

Kiss, Inda!

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