September 27, 2010

Damn, It's Seven, Hahah..

People usually use number seven to describe a lucky thing. They love number seven. Well i know, number seven is the number after number six (nenek2 shampoan juga tau, uh!) hahaha but seriously, i do never love number seven. Okay, just a lil bit, i mean. You know, i have a biggest seven passions i wish i could do before i die. Want to kno? These are the things i wanna do when i'm in the situation where the death is near:
  1. Meet Jake Gyllenhaal
  2. Graduated from my college (although i don't really love the major i belong in)
  3. Kiss my boyfriend...seriously!
  4. Hug my mom, i love her soooooo!
  5. Finish my own fairytale so that people can follow this hahahaha (lolololol)
  6. I wanna scream out loud that: I'M NOT POPULAR AND I'M FUCKING PROUD OF THIS!
  7. Be a religious's so serious, i'm not kidding you all!
Hahaha aren't they too much? Nah, seven is never too much at all :))

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