Januari 20, 2014

Random Things

So well, new year is comiiing!
Yaaiy i should be happy even though i don't know why i should be happy hahaha
But i wanna be pretty, so i should be happy. You know, the analogy between pretty and happy.
Okay forget it, i will directly jump to the main topic.
What is that? Oh nah, nothing, actually. You people can stahp me now (yes, with that british accent).

I know that i have a quirky interest of psychology so that i read randomly about psychology. Yeah it's so random that i can construct them structured in my mind. I am just knowledgeable in a short time, in a blink of an eye, because you know i read that i read this, open that tab and open another tab, and i HAVE a serious disorder attacking my mind, yes, short term memory loss. *please if you want to applause for this shit, you can stay sitting, standing applause isn't needed here*

Last night i was extremely breakdown for my stupidity. Once i have been tested for an IQ. FYI, i don't believe in the scale of IQ of people. I've been tested, and i got the result that my IQ was embarrassing me. Not that low, but i thought that was LOW. It seemed like i have my own standard of intelligence and i was ashamed with the rest.

What was happening on earth now?

People can be smart as they wand and IF they want.
As simple as that. It's all about the trait. How far the traits affects the intelligence? 

Can high IQ guarantee people to be good?
I once read a quote, it said that it is so horrible that around us there's a smartie who has no confidence, but there are a bunch of dumb people who have confidence more than what they need. Horrible. HORRIBLE.
I do agree with Nelson Mandela that said: education is the most powerful weapon  which you can use to change the world.
But it doesn't mean that educated person does also have educated behavior. 
So it can be my excuse. Bahahahak.
An excuse to stay being dumb? Come on, you don't get my point.

Dear friends, education is in everywhere. In every single place we visit. In every single sight we glimpse. So there's no reason for us to stop learning. 
But all in all, i want to warn you, that educated person does also have educated behavior. I warn you. I WARN YOU.

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