Juli 25, 2013

On The Night Like This

Do you know the story of a couple of socks? Well, let me tell you the whole story of last night, when the tasks of my job are extremely need to be done in 12 hours after Maghrib time.

Last night, office buddies and i, did overtime in office. Need to do the tasks for this morning, the report, Lapantara of RDTRK Perkotaan Temon, needs to be sent to Wates as soon as possible. So, yeah. Tsk. Haven't got my eyes closed from yesterday after sahur. YES, YESTERDAY AFTER SAHUR. It was about 27 hours.

Last night, the AC was on in its higher degree of celcius. Me was about ... damn, i'm freezed! I wore the two layers of clothes, and jeans. Besides, i covered myself with my medium thick brown coat (read: semi-jacket). I sat down straight far from the air condition.

I was typing on my Celine when he suddenly sat down next to me, and started to lay his head down. In seconds, i didn't give him much attention, just touched his arm and smiled. In minutes, i heard him snored. He was extremely tired after all. I knew that, so i let him sleep for a while. His snoring was a bit louder time by time, me was ... KYAAA XD XD XD

HAHAHA. But then he woke up and moved to a better corner and ... SLEPT AGAIN. And i continued my work.

At 12.30 p.m, i felt so tired. Besides, i had no many things to do but waiting for the revision of my head office. So, i decided to take a rest for a moment. I sat down near him, on a red chair, straight in front of the air condition. I was a bit dizzy. I tried to sleep but it was quite to do in the cold room and still had many things to think. I bend my body to avoid the coldness. I wore his jacket also. So, i covered myself with two layers of jackets. Still, i couldn;t sleep. I just lied my head down and vaguely heard of his snoring. I smiled and thought how cute his face was. His long hair, his chubby cheek, and his half-opened mouth. He looked like a baby :)

I fell asleep for a minutes. I woke him up, just to ask him to keep his head at the distance of the trash bin near his sleeping corner. But then he really woke up. I tighten my body, the room got colder. I saw the clock. It showed me 1.30 a.m. I sat down at that red chair for almost an hour. In my semi-conscious (y'know, it was really cold. Or it was just my body that wasn't so fit), i felt something warm in my naked feet. He covered my naked feet with sajadah. I opened my eyes and i really woke up.
"Cold?" he asked. I showed him my nod.
Then he handed me his shoes.
"It's big, can't suit to my feet," i replied.
"Not the shoes, but the socks. Covered your feet."
I wore his socks.

3.00 am. We went out for sahur. We rode motorcycles and i hitchhiked him. I touched his feet, his hands and ... OMG, they were so cold!
"Your socks..."
"No problem, stay wearing them," he said.
He kept the motorcycle going.

The sock. Who knows, that the socks can touch my heart? After all, i know it's his kind heart. But from a couple of socks? Dear God, thank you for sending him to me.
I really want to sing him a song. A song from Mocca, On The Night Like This.

On the night like this, there's so many things i wanna tell you
On the night like this, there's so many things i wanna show you
Cause when you're around, i feel safe and warm
Cause when you're around, i can fall in love everyday...

In the case like this
There are a thousand good reasons
I want you to stay...

I love you, Dear :)

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