April 30, 2013

Waiting For The Sun To Rise

Today, after getting a lovely good morning, i went upstairs to the third floor, the common place for me to share my thoughts to the universe. I had a mission, last three days before today, i have lost for sunrise moments. So, last night i have planned to catch the sun as usual.

I did await in the corner, near the roof tile of the second floor, and stared at the eastern sky. The sky looked so blue, grey and a bit overcast. There was also a few rays of orange lines. I looked for the source of the lines, the spot that accumulated the rays. I found a tiny spot, hid behind the clouds, and highly colored orange. Was it that?

Was it the sun?

I asked  none, why does the sun look so shy today?
Isn't it my first day after those three days i catch the sun back?
Why doesn't it show me its best off?

The kind of cut the shit girl, hell yeah, me.
I counted until 10, and didn't find the real sunrise. Okay, for me, sunrise is a moment when the dark sky slowly and vaguely becomes grey and blue, with the orange emissions and the cumulus, and the cold nuance.

But the sun gradually peek from behind the sky, slowly and looked so unsure.
I was about mesmerizing to see the shy sun, like it smiled at me and said, "hello, dear, good morning."
I fell in love again and again with the same beautiful thing.
I felt blessed.

The moment until my best youngster, Leily, suddenly came to my sacred place to... season her washed clothes.
"What are you doing here?" she asked.
"Waiting the sun to rise. You always know my daily custom, why should you ask me over and over again?"
"Because the sky looks so gloomy today. And you, here, waiting for the sun to shines like a diamond. This is weird, waiting to the sun to rise in the cloudy 6 o'clock morning."
"As weird as me." *smile*
"Okay, as weird as always. Okay sista, let's go downstairs!"

I smiled once again to the eastern sky and whispered to the wind:
"Thank you for this beautiful morning. I love you."

*inspired by the shy sun this morning

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