April 30, 2013


Have you ever seen a scar stick on your fairy skin after getting wounded? Or, have you ever seen a line of drying tears in your fine cheek? Even, the sketch of water that trapped in a cavity after the rain has ceased? 

Nothing remains. But abandonment.

If the visible things would leave a remnant, how about the deep intimate feelings? The invisible untouched things that easily infiltrate your heart, either your head. No, you're not shielded. Neither weapon can prevent your very precious happiness inside your body and soul.
It is like a washed shore, touched by the tidal wave. It is just human being.

Some say, go move on! But some say, move on is the new forgetting. Pardon me, how could you forget the scar if the scar does always exist? No, you can't. You really are helpless about yourself. Sasuke said, 'you are weak because you are lack of hatred'. Valid? Far from true.
I used to be weak. Or i guess i used to be weak. The abandonment that haunting me about the past really scares me off. It is like i continuously am mopping my scattered heart time by time, no limitation. No limitation means so much more scary than the current scariest thing. I hate it. I hate the word 'forever' since the 'goodbye' word did exist. Like when they're placed together in a row. You got a goodbye word from the one you love and you have to live alone forever. Forever alone. Forever a goodbye moment. Forever is sick.

But forever doesn't exist. Nothing lasts forever. But the abandonment.
Abandonment does last forever.

It is like when i am well asked by other do i love him/her, and i said yes, it means i should've loved his/her entire life. His/her entire life including his/her past. Not to be mentioned, actually. This is an unbreakable-rule. So, what remains?

The tears may cover your wounded heart, and this could be the perks of your upcoming hopes. but even the wound has been cured, the passive scar will come along, and stay as a reminder that you have had the reality in the past. I do think that brainchild. Pardon my shallowness, pardong my de-motivational words. This is just reality people avoid to believe.

Love can die. Love can stay. Anyhow, which one whichever occurs, will always form a remnant. Do face it, embrace it, live it. Remember you still have tomorrow, remember you still owe today. Make your current today become an unforgettable tomorrow, in bad or good way. Because there's no bad or good things. We can always change it. We can always use our different perspective. Love your life, because your life will be others' abandonment. You're special.

*this is not psychological article, this is just a dummy thought of mine

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