Maret 31, 2011

#Random but Worth-It!

Cheerstraw!! :)

It's been awhile i didn't write anything here. Doesn't mean i have no idea or something to share with. But sometimes, i rethink and those all need to be hidden. I enjoyed my feelings all by my self these days.

But when i think the feelings are overloaded, i need a bin to throw them away.
Or spread them out of my mind.
Happy news should be shared.
But people, i mean, man, in a wider meaning, creatures *but i'll call it people*, usually keep it alone.

Oh maaan, i need to open my mind!
Actually, indescribably i feel so bored with all of these shits!
Once, a friend i usually called "bestfriend" had made me so 'eeeegrh!' so that it implied my mind. And of course, it made me rethink the words 'bestfriend'.

Sorry, this post is random. I can't think clearly for now.
But when i say i'm such a broken-hearted girl, that's not right, but that's not wrong too.
I was undesrestimated girl, it's true.
My best friend makes me hate her, it's true. 
What's wrong with me, universe?
I just want people to act what they want to act to me!
But seems like they're busy faking their actions. Caseclosed.
I'll show them how to be a friend.

Tuhan, maafin saya kalo emang saya salah penilaian. Tapi begitulah yang saya rasakan. Begitulah yang saya pikirkan. Bagitulah keliatannya. Dan ya Tuhan yang baik hati dan tidak sombong, saya lebih suka berteman dengan segelintir orang yang emang niat mau temenan sama saya, dibandingkan harus berpura-pura mau temenan sama saya demi beberapa hal yang saya sendiri juga ngga ngerti lho, sumpah. Jadi ya Tuhan, sebenernya saya nulis apasih? Ini kenapa jadi curhat yang menye-menye begini? Sudah ah, ujan udah berenti, mari kita pulaaaaan! xD

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