Maret 31, 2011

In a Heart I Belong To

The time we spent days together
I knew my heart was stolen by another guy
The times we went to another place together
I knew my mind was screw up by another love
But when i don't meet 'the time we...'
I don't want to confess,
that my heart is a 'holey heart'
Like there's a far distance between us
The distance we created before, by words

In place i belong to, i was full-covered by love
I was in the middle of  the loved one
I never needed to go to another place
But indescribably, i feel one thing vanished away from me
That was when you were not around me
That was when you didn't say 'hi Nda...' when i was online
Or when your look was not focus on me, thus i felt you were so far
But you stood in front of me

Blindly, i don't want my mind to think of you
However i do
I need a space, i know you neither do
To love you is to set you free
To think of you is to forget you

You love being free and playing the hearts


In a time we'll meet, i want those another days
The days we've ever spent together
Without distance, with no space between us
With no words...

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