Januari 06, 2011

Heritage Tourism

It's a hectic week. Too many assignments i must handle. but guess what, it's never been a whole week, it's only 4 days to go! Okay, lemme tell you all, those all are about laporan KP, laporan studio, and the bitchest ever, laporan Seminar!

Hmmms it's such a mysterious thing that i love reading Heritage. Tourism That book written by Dalllen J. Thymoty and Stephen W. Boyd in English. Amazing, at the first time, i was so dizzy and taught; 'what the hell are those read!'. *ekspresi mata juling*
But thanks God, it was never been as difficult as i taught. That book is adorable. You know, tourism is a kinda great business that is the best reasonable plan we can apply in our country. Everybody knows well that ours is the most beautiful country ever in this universe. No offense.

And of course, we have also the most popular sites ever. I mean, the most beautiful sites and archaeology lie in Southeast Asia. Indonesia and Thailand win that. There's uncountable sites we can meet in Indonesia. And we have site that is soooo popular so that it's declared as a world heritage by UNESCO. Yay, Borobudur Temple.

Now guys, i'll be trying to observe that temple. I assume Borobudur temple is great. Its great lies in its lonely place. Stands alone, just as high as Menoreh Hill. Great, Great, Super Great!


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