November 30, 2010

Honestly, It's Maybe Butterfly Feeling

Well, it's just a silly thing that i even can't handle alone. It's maybe (not) about what i'm feeling named love, but i'm still confused. It's like killing me softly but i don't completely know how freak this feeling. Okay, it's about a man. Maybe he's a boy, but who cares as long as he's male!

I'm comfort being around him. It's just something like home, you know, so full of joy and thanks God, he has a smart sense of humor! Why God? You make me feel so dizzy around him, with his fragrance, and his T-shirt, and his hair, and his laughter, and his eyes, and his smiles, and even his name!

Blame me, i still don't wanna be a part of love. I've lost love, and i don't want to show to the world. I have a poker face, thanks God. i don't wanna fall in love, so that i don't need to be true to people around me. They love me, i love them. But i don't understand, i just underestimate with love. It makes me sick.

So, i'm not in love, I just have a butterfly feeling and I'm enjoying it.
I'm flying, I forget that fucking love that has betrayed me and inviting pain to come join.
My self is not a hall where two feelings can't meet and merger themselves to attack me.
I'm just a human being.
It's strange, i feel the pain inside the joy!
But maybe, I'm (not) in love.

-open your eyes, and anything else is too much better than love and pain-
-named, butterfly feeling-

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