Oktober 04, 2010

Gossip Girl xoxo

One day, Vannesa was confused. She wanted to call Nate, but well, she was so ashamed. And then, Jane (usually called Little J) came suddenly. She saw Vannesa, and her upset.
Jane: Hi Vannesa, what are you doing here? You look bad!
Vannesa: Hi J! I'm so confused. I wanna call Nate, but i think that's not a good idea. Our relationship is not good now.
Jane: Oh, why don't you do that?
Vannesa: I think that's bad, J!
Jane: V, it seems like i don't know you. You know Vannesa, i know who you are. You'll do what you want to do. Because you're Vannesa! Come on, dial his numbers, and start to say, "Dear, nate!"
Vannesa: seriously?
Jane: Deadly! Because you're V! The braviest girl ever!

(Gossip Girls, eps. 3 Season 2)

Hmmm how about to change Vannesa to Inda? But Inda is not like Vannesa.
Inda is a little preppy like Blair! Miss B!
And a little sexy like Serena!
Then of course, Inda loves all stuff of Jane. Little J! The whole Little J's!

best regards :)
Gossip Girls' big fans

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